A recently released video shows of Windows 10 running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. With the release of the surface phone, into the future of Microsoft Mobile technology we have a hopeful look at the efforts of them.

microsoft unveils new devices powered by windows 10 With the New Snapdragon Processors Microsoft Surface Phone Get`s into Reality.

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A portable computer known as Surface Pro has its own flaws like lack of cellular integrated technology, low battery life that holds the computer device back. Many of the limitations are due to the intel’s x86 chip that the tablet shares with the laptop line of Microsoft. Though the impending Microsoft Surface Phone will make the use of ARM – based processors such as the Qualcomm`s technologies Snapdragon.

Upgrade Given to the Surface Pro

Microsoft’s mobile technology platform will be enabled by changing the processors to combine the cellular technology into their devices and giving them the outside connectivity of Wi-Fi hotspots. To the internet it will give a professional way to access by integrating LTE without the use of their data connection. The change will also give better power regulations to their devices extending their operating time significantly. Without the need of charge the Surface Phone will be able to operate for days by an ARM-based processor, giving it a more competitive edge against the competitors like Google`s Pixel C or Apple`s iPad. The device it self will greatly benefit from the processors for some of the same reasons as the phone.

According to the video above, with the help of Snapdragon, Window`s 10 is smoothly running but remains to be seen if the devices runs as well as the supporting external displays. Surface Pro most satisfying feature is the line of ability to connect it to the monitor to get into a larger screen and if it runs well then the Surface Pro line will have the capacity to offer that iPad does not have.

“The Capability to Connect to a Larger Monitor Will Provide the Line of Surface Pro Something That Other Tablets Lack to Give”

Some Issues to Overcome By Microsoft Surface Phone

Chinese manufacturer Hygon to launch AMD architecture based X86 processors – The processors might only be confined to China only!

When it comes to running it`s operating system, Microsoft does not have a good reputation on ARM-Based devices with the integrated cellular. Surface Rt and Windows Rt memories give fans pause but Windows 10 is an entirely new platform which comes with new platforms. The Surface 3 for many is a bad memory considered. Offered by Verizon the devices had a smaller display than the Surface Pro 3 and ran on weak Intel processors which slows down at the modest hint of intensive use. The video above give some proof that the Microsoft has addressed its previous failures. They don’t show everything.