An all new research shows that the LED technology can have a major breakthrough which can at least increase the resolution three times the original one. It is actually through the invention of a new color changing surface which is tunable through electrical voltage. If made full use, this technology can deliver amazing results.

samsung ua 32d4003 multi system tv With tunable subpixels, LED display can achieve a screen resolution that is almost 3 times better than the current one
The Current Technology

Currently, the LED displays are made up of several fine pixels having 3 subpixels each. These are the red, green, and blue pixels commonly known as RGB pixels which combine to form up the image that you see on your LED screen. Now, keeping in mind the amazing picture quality of a LED display, wonder what would happen if the subpixels are further tuned.

Tunable Colors

The modern research shows ways to make the colors in the subpixels of the LED display, tunable. By varying the input voltage, you can actually change the levels of RGB colors in each subpixel. In other words, you can directly increase the screen resolution by increasing the voltage. The researchers at UCF are working hard on the project to make it possible and one of the Assistant Professor at UCF, Debashis Chanda said in this regard:

We can make a red subpixel go to blue, for instance. In other displays that is not possible because they need three static color filters to show the full RGB color. We don’t need that now; a single subpixel-less pixel can be tuned across a given color gamut.

Superior Pixel Quality

To go a bit deeper, the researchers at the UCF said that if the three static RGB subpixels are removed, a superior display quality can be achieved. Naturally, every pixel size will be reduced by three resulting in better TV and other LED monitor displays. This new invention can also be used to increase the quality of AR and VR apps to increase the resolution that is going to change your experience altogether. Researchers said:

A subpixel-less display can increase resolution drastically. You can have a much smaller area that can do all three.


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