TinyMobs Games (the Creators of tiny Realms) has promulgate that M.E.R.C. which is a real-time squad-based tactics game that will hit Steam in the early access on January 17th, 2017. There are no pre-orders available yet but you can check the recommended and minimum requirements on the official game`s product page.

ss 669d6bac2958b0a0f434df9b90ed8f5452c33732.600x338 A New Real Time Squad Based Game Coming to Steam called M.E.R.C. in Early Access with it`s Own Key Featuresvia: http://store.steampowered.com

M.E.R.C. is a 4-person tactical combat squad game-play in which you recruit and upgrade units, while acquiring better gear and weapons enhancing special abilities. Taking your toughest recruits into action in co-op multiplayer or single player.

Neotopia (the last city standing), the game M.E.R.C. is being perforated with the avidity and fraudulence of corporations – given the settings as you would expect. It’s basically a four person game where you would hire a squad and from that you will neutralize the threat imposed by the Manta corporation. Up grading and recruiting, knowing the special abilities with acquiring the best equipment’s will be important in this objective.

ss 1039ce3491d6e8af1c14b4333360df2376991daa.600x338 A New Real Time Squad Based Game Coming to Steam called M.E.R.C. in Early Access with it`s Own Key Features

via: http://store.steampowered.com/

As said by the Game Director Jamie Toghill:
I take myself lucky enough to work on my career based on X-COM series. It has always felt that when the real-time play our company introduced in the third installment, it was a great twist on the Genre with M.E.R.C. for a rich sense of excitement and suspense it’s a strategic real time action with a cooperative game-play.


ss 5f614a3e239ebb795809e20d61a389c6bc705f70.600x338 A New Real Time Squad Based Game Coming to Steam called M.E.R.C. in Early Access with it`s Own Key Features
via: http://store.steampowered.com

There are some key features to be considered as per outlined by TinyMob Games:

  • Control your mercenary assassin squad as a four-person team – for special abilities engage a designate unit, take cover, take advance units. Also you can break the squad into two-person unit Pods- wreak havoc and bravo and alpha.
  • Teaming up with other players in a co-op multiplayer action. Combining the force by taking your best 2 units into the battle. Play through campaigns, side missions and story missions together for taking down the uprising of the Manta corporation.
  • Your M.E.R.C. squad will face many of the extreme challenges. Train your troops and units to take down the Manta Corporation with the help of multiple unit classes- Heavy and engineer , Sniper, Assault. Hacker, Medic and many more will be the specialized sub units. To gain Skill points and XP to unlock more special abilities take them to the battle.
  • The place known as sprawl is mysterious and puzzling. Around new dangers every corner. Managing the team based on the needs of missions and conquering it. Special financial bonuses and increased reputation will be awarded. Using the reward according to the need is a important thing to be considered.
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