The new Macbook Pro debuted the Touch Bar this year. Experts wondered whether this would be included soon in other Apple products. The IPhone seemed like the least obvious device to include the Touch Bar because it already has a huge touch-screen. But concept designers have not given up the idea of a Touch Bar on an IPhone.

iPhone 8 Concept Image The new IPhone 8 concept is extremely thin
IPhone 8 Concept

The IPhone 8 concept will include the Thunderbolt 3 for fast charging, up to 40-Gbps data transfer, wireless charging and Touch ID to unlock your IPhone. The concept designer has not elaborated on the display but it features no bezels. It is uncertain whether Apple will release the IPhone 8 next year or the year after. Some reports lead to believe that Apple will be having major releases every year and never release upgrades. Only time will tell.

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