The whole iPad lineup from Apple is expected for a revamp. It was trusted that Apple would push out revived models at the last year, yet it didn’t occur. A report proposed that Apple could declare new iPads in Spring, yet another production network source has hopped without hesitation, asserting that nothing will prove to be fruitful until the later half of this year.

There will be three new iPads coming out – a 9.7-inch version, 10.5-inch version and the bigger, 12.9-inch veriosn. Strangely, the 10.5-inch model is the one which has us more stirred and befuddled simultaneously and the report does not touch upon any news concerning the iPad mini. Maybe this means that Apple could rebrand the 9.7-inch modelnas “mini?” Its too soon to wonder about that.

The 9.7-inch iPad variant is expected to go into large scale manufacturing in Q1 of 2017, while the other two variations (10.5 and 12.9) will join the lineup in Q2. It’s trusted that the most astounding 12.9-inch variant will have an A10X chip while the 9.7-inch may grasp the A9X chip from Apple.

ipadpro big 1 New iPads are launching in the later half of 2017


The 10.5-inch variant has been reputed for a long while now. It is expected that the tablet will include an edge-to-edge display and will suffice as the leader in the whole lineup of new iPads. It stays to be perceived how Apple will showcase the tablet: as a professional gadget or to those looking to expend content in a hurry?

Various sources think that poor chip yields are at fault for the postponement of the new iPad lineup. Could that truly be the reason? We are not certain. But we do know that new iPads are coming soon, and also a new Apple Pencil 2, and we are truly amped up for it.