The first Injustice game that complemented the outstanding prequel comic series—discovered a truth where grief-striken superman cast aside his moral code to govern the world as he saw fit. It appears like the sequel will explore into that story once more, however this time a beaten Superman will attempt to raise himself back up once more.

EARTH2 Cv17 var In the New Game Teaser Injustice 2 Story, Superman’s Prepared To Be An Evil Ruler
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Whereas we’ve seen a lot from Neatherrealm’s superhero battling game in terms of its action up until now, this latest clip is the first to give us a lot of an essence of what’s upcoming story-wise for the latest game. Obviously, it offers us a lot of beat them up action, as well.

INJUST Cv2 In the New Game Teaser Injustice 2 Story, Superman’s Prepared To Be An Evil Ruler
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The earlier game finished with Batman’s armed force of ragtag resistance fighters, bringing in Superman and finishing his rule of oppression over the world, and it appears like quite at an early stage Superman will be back out, hoping to repossess his grasp over his previous alliance and the more extensive mass.

The first game had its disastrous situation around Lois Lane’s demise to drive Clark for what he does, however this time around, it appears to be more similar to what he was driven, for a desire for power than anything that is more thoughtful—that isn’t precisely something you see frequently in takes on Superman. Given how surprisingly strong the world Injustice has set up in games and in comics, however, it’ll be fascinating to see where all of it goes. Injustice 2 is at present set for launch on May 16th.

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