Yesterday, Periscope announced that they are releasing the new administrative controls for its users. The Twitter-owned app is all set to provide a very exciting upgrade in the admin control feature. From now onward, “Closed Group” and ”Group Invites” are also going to be a part of the app which will give access to the admins to decide whether someone is going to participate in a group or not.

pic Better admin controls added in Periscope for its Group Feature
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Upgrade Will Serve The Actual Purpose

The live streaming app initially introduced the “Groups” option in order to facilitate its users in terms of watching a live stream along with your friends/ family/ coworkers or any other sub-group. This was creating some privacy issues making many of the group members uncomfortable because of the lesser or no access of admin. But after this upgrade, it is decided to designate the creator of the group as an Admin. Now the admin will have the full rights to add or remove a member.

pic 1 Better admin controls added in Periscope for its Group Feature
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How Does It Work

A person can search out for a group and request its admin to join the group and it’s up to the admin whether to allow him/her in group or not. On the other hand, if an admin wants to make his group a closed one, he/she can simply go to the management screen and turn the settings to “Closed Group”.

Similarly Periscope will be providing the authority to a person to choose if s/he wants to become a member of the group or not. This will prevent him/her being added in a group automatically and thus not getting those unnecessary notifications which you never wanted to see. For this purpose, users will have to disable the option of “Auto-Accept Group Invites” in their profiles.

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Twitter believes in improvising by the help of customers’ feedback and hence this step was taken to provide the customers with real advantage of groups. After all, these groups are created to limit to a specific group of people and if there were no admin rights, there was no point of making these groups.