In advance technology let say if you want to watch something like your favourite TV show, and you have the choice of media services. In fact, if you watch a lot of TV shows and programs so Hulu plus is one of the site where you can watch and enjoy a lot of TV programs which are uploaded after 24 hours of on air TV.

Amazon is offering TV shows which is uploaded there after 5 days of on air, it include series and variety of TV shows. Unless, of course, one thing you should keep in mind that Amazon is not for a live TV show. You have to keep many things in mind for selection of one of its best.

Here we are going to provide you some information about these three websites which is slightly different from each other and also its price is different. So you have to choose very carefully that which one is more suitable for you.

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Netflix is one of the best online streaming and that is offering three different plans for their customers. First is the basic plan which costs $7.99 and does not offer at one streaming on multiple devices or for the HD streaming. The most cable plan which is really use by the customers costs $9.99, because $1 is increased in price by the company done in last October.

Most of the users are fine with that price, but thats a problem for a new customers who are going to use streaming after October. Increasing the price up to $11.99 allows user to stream simultaneously on four devices.

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Amazon Prime

Amazon is also in a competitor list and Amazon has most of the users and they are really satisfy from service of Amazon. That cost user $99 a year, and cover $8 a month, but the total amount is paid worth it because moreover Amazon is offering free shipment on amazon purchase which i think is a really good offer, and excited thing is if you are living in a same one of the U.S cities so you’ll got that delivery at that same day.


Hulu is one the best service for the live streaming that give really quick access. Hulu cost $7.99 and give unlimited access to their library, along with ads. and something make it more excited that if you are looking for a add free experience, Hulu recently introduced a $11.99 plan that give you access to the live streaming without any advertisement. Let me inform you with one of the essential thing is that Hulu give access to user one device at a time.

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