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Nest Thermostat App: An app for a smart home

Nest Thermostat App

Went out for a Sunday brunch and forgot to switch off the lights and the appliances producing heat. Well! this all time worry of almost every household has got a solution called Nest Thermostat App, a product of Nest App. The nest thermostat app by using the location of your phone and built-in sensors automatically do the right thing such as maintaining the heat level or setting your preferred temperature when you go out.

A variety of other products offered by Nest includes nest cam, an indoor security camera; nest secure alarm system and nest protect, an alarm system in case of fire and gas leaks. Nest has a complete package of such products which is assisting us to build smart houses.

Talking of the Nest Thermostat App, it lets you operate the thermostat device installed in your homes. As the name suggests, a thermostat is a device that automatically regulates the temperature of a place and helps save energy.

Developed by nest labs, the Nest Learning Thermostat app is an electronic, programmable and self-learning Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that optimizes the temperature of homes or businesses to conserve energy. The Net Thermostat App manages the temperature of your home through nest thermostat device which is also a product of nest.

The nest thermostat adapts to heating and cooling preferences of users within a week of installation and automatically creates a schedule. By learning the preferred temperature history of the user, the Nest Thermostat App starts functioning accordingly by making the preferred changes in the temperature requirements of the users.

The Nest Thermostat app through nest thermostat lets you control the temperature of your home even when you are far away working in your office.

Nest thermostat app review

There are mainly two nest thermostat devices – Nest Learning Thermostat priced at $250 and Nest Thermostat E, priced at $169. Nest thermostat E has fewer wiring terminals making it unfit for homes with complex HVAC systems as compared to Nest Learning Thermostat device.

Although the puck-shaped design of these devices puts them under the same light, they do differ in size, color, and casing. Nest Thermostat E is a bit smaller, comes only in matte white color and uses a polycarbonate casing whereas Nest learning thermostat comes in black, white and copper and is made of metal.

The most important difference between the two is based on the display. The Nest thermostat E has a resolution of 320-by-320 whereas the nest learning thermostat has a 480-by-480 resolution. Farsight feature of the nest learning thermostat helps it outshine the nest thermostat E by making it glow when you enter the room. On the other hand, the nest thermostat E will glow only when you get very close to it.

Moreover, the display on the  Nest Learning Thermostat is bright making it easy for the user to read it from distance, while Nest thermostat E’s display is quite dim.

Features of Net Thermostat App

Nest labs have left no stone unturned in making its customers benefit from using this app. There is a myriad of features which the net thermostat app gives its users in order to make their lives easier and happier. From its learning methods and adjusting to its users’ schedule to its automatically detecting whether you are home or not and functioning accordingly, the nest thermostat app is all what a tech-savvy needs.

Following are some of the important features of the best thermostat device, a product of Nest operated through nest thermostat app –

  • Self-learning: The self-learning rule allows the Nest Thermostat App to learn about your preferences within a week of your usage of the app. The Nest Thermostat App after installation requires the user to set temperature according to his requirement for at least a week. After the first week, the Nest Thermostat App learns the user’s requirement and automatically sets the temperature. This self-learning algorithm helps the nest thermostat app outshine making it so compatible for all the people.  
  • Setting a schedule: Different temperature has to be maintained at different hours of the day. Instead of setting the temperature every morning, noon and night, the Nest Thermostat App lets you set a schedule as to at what time it should turn on and what temperature it should set at different hours. It adapts to user’s heating and cooling preferences within a week of installation and automatically creates a schedule.
  • Eco Mode: Nest Thermostat App helps in saving energy by activating the Eco mode. This energy saving mode is displayed on the nest thermostat app window in the form of a green leaf. Whenever the user sets a temperature which saves energy or even close to that, the net thermostat app displays the green leaf, which stands for Eco mode, as a reward to the user.
  • The energy saving technique not only aids the environment but also aids your pockets by reducing the monthly electricity bills. This definitely works as an add-on or an incentive for people to install the nest thermostat device operated through nest thermostat app which is easy to use and definitely an option to go for.
  • Paying for itself: No doubt that this smart thermostat device controlled through Net Thermostat App comes at a heavy price, but studies have proven that the Nest Thermostat App using the nest thermostat sensor has saved billions of KWh energy worldwide and has reduced electricity bills of people. It has been claimed that within two years of usage, the Nest Thermostat device can pay for itself.
  • Home/ Away Assist : Using your phone’s location, the Nest Thermostat App can automatically know whether you are home or not and can turn the system down if you are away and turn  it back up to your required temperature (by going through your temperature requirement history) when it detects that you are coming back. This intelligent technology which detects your presence or absence is an absolute requirement of today’s world which lives under the fear of resource depletion.
  • Daily/ Monthly Energy Consumption: Nest Thermostat App gives you an overview of how much energy has been consumed or saved. Everyday energy consumption can be looked upon in the Energy History option and monthly consumption in Home Report option. This feature of the Nest Thermostat App informs you about the days of more or less energy consumption. This feature of the nest thermostat app helps to manage your energy requirements by giving you a brief idea of your energy usage.

Compatibility check of Net Thermostat App

Nest Thermostat App can be installed on a number of Android and Apple products. It can also be managed using a web browser on a Windows or Mac computer. The Nest Thermostat App can be installed using Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

An important point which needs to be taken care of is that whichever device you’re using should be kept up-to-date for the latest security and bug fixes. If the Nest Thermostat App will be run on an older software version then compatibility issues may arise. So, to avoid problems with the Nest Thermostat App and to make it run smoothly, the devices’ software should be up-to-date.

The minimum requirement to install and properly run the Nest Thermostat App are as follows:

  1. Android products
      • Android phones and tablets: Phone or tablet running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. Some features are only available if your Android device is running Android 5.0 or later with Bluetooth LE but Net Thermostat App doesn’t require Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)
     • Android TV: A television with Android TV built-in, or an Android TV device connected to your existing television set, running Android TV 5.0 or later.
     • Android Wear(Android watch): Google Play Services 8.1 or later, Android Wear 5.1.1 or later
    2.  Apple products
      • iphone, iPad, iPod : iOS 10.0 or later.
      • Apple TV: 4th generation Apple TV or later. Apple tvOS 10.0 or later.
      • Apple Watch: Apple Watch running watchOS 2.0 or later, iPhone running iOS 10.0 or later.
    3. Windows or Mac computer
        A web browser on a computer
    OS requirements: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.9 or later
    Browser requirements: Firefox 33 or later, Google Chrome 38 or later, Internet Explorer 11 or later, Safari 7

Availability :

Nest products can be brought from the Nest store and select retailers either online or at locations near you. Countries, where Nest products are available for purchase and the Nest Thermostat App, can be put to use are listed below.
1. North America – Canada, Mexico, United States of America
2. Europe – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, U.K.
3. Middle East – United Arab Emirates
4. Asia Pacific – Australia, New Zealand

Using the Net Thermostat App:

The simple design of the app makes it easy to use. The Net Thermostat App is not complicated and is easy to use. Just a few steps to follow and you are good to go. The Net Thermostat App can be downloaded from Google Play Store if you are using an Android phone and from App store, if your using an apple product. After installing the app on your phone, the first thing to be done is creating a Nest account by clicking on the sign-up option. In order to use the Nest app, you need to have nest products installed in your house, in this case, the Nest thermostat.

A WiFi connection is also required to connect the nest thermostat device with the nest thermostat app. Add product option lets you add other nest products for eg, nest cam, nest protect etc. This can be done by scanning the QR code that comes with the product.

After installing the nest thermostat device and creating a nest account, you can manage the temperature of your house. The nest thermostat app shows you the weather conditions, the current temperature, and the humidity level. It allows you to set a different temperature for different areas in your house for eg, different temperature for downstairs and upstairs.

The screen of your mobile phone turns orange when the heating is on, turns black when the heating is off and turns blue when the cooling is on. You can select different settings for the nest thermostat app. Its home/ away assist turns it on when you are home and turns the device off when you are away.

This is how it saves energy. The smart net thermostat app rewards you by displaying a green leaf, for maintaining an efficient energy saving temperature. Nest sense option tells how long it will take to reach a specific target temperature. An important feature of the nest thermostat app has to be its self-learning technique. It studies the user’s preference for temperature and makes the changes automatically. The nest thermostat app also allows the user to monitor history as the app maintains a record of energy consumption.

The simple design of the nest app and its well built, quite stylish products makes it a smart technology that is sure to be adopted worldwide in the future to come. The ever stylish and convenient products Nest offers can actually assist us with home automation at a very low price. We can monitor our homes, its temperature as well as security, simply using our mobile phones or through different browsers.

The fact that the products at nest can be programmed and controlled from your smartphones makes it suitable to be used by a lazy lad. Even the old school, who mostly fears complicated technology, also finds the nest app quite friendly because of its not so complicated design and usage.

The nest thermostat not only helps maintain the temperature of our houses but also helps us to put our bit in conserving energy making it the need of the hour. The nest thermostat device operated through nest thermostat app, making our lives easier, surely has a bright future ahead.

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