Looking for the best smart smoke detector to complete your smart home project? Nest Protect is the best bet. Smoke Detection is a serious matter and a negligence of even a few seconds can engulf many lives. To ensure that there are no connectivity problems and you want everything covered up properly, the Nest Protect is here to help you. Famous Android forum, Android Central claims that this is the best Smart Smoke Detector that you can buy.

First Alert 2 in 1 Z Wave Smoke Detector Nest Protect is the best bet if you are looking for a Smart Smoke Detector that even gels with your other smart home devices

Best Ever Remote Connectivity

The best part about the Nest Protect is that it informs you if God forbid there is a fire at your house and that too wherever you are. The Nest Protect does not have a heavy bulky hardware that requires huge space, rather you can install it easily. It has 3 kinds of detection sensors which cover almost every aspect of safety for you. These 3 kinds of detection include:

  • Photoelectric
  • Ionization
  • CO2

How Does it Inform You When You are Away?

4   Smoke   CO Alarm with Safety App.0.0 Nest Protect is the best bet if you are looking for a Smart Smoke Detector that even gels with your other smart home devices

Nest Protect has got a number of ways to tell you about a fire outbreak when you are not at home. Nest actually has a network of apps both on the Android and iOS platform which sets the high bar of remote connectivity. You can link Alexa and Google Home to Nest so that the options of informing you grow even more.

The Build

Behind the scenes, the Nest Protect is basically a two-sensor detector with a stand-alone CO detector. The sensitive detectors catch the feel if there is even a little bit of fire danger. This helps reduce the property damage and saves many lives. Special thanks to the latest software that avoids false alarms and does not miss any real one.

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Nest’s Best Offering

The best that Nest Protect has to offer is the First Alert Z-Wave 2-in-1 detector. The 3 sensor setup connects through its own service and app, the First Alert connects to a Z-Wave hub. If you are worried about its integration with other smart devices in your smart home, it actually provides a connection for most package home automation systems like Nexia Home Intelligence and Samsung SmartThings.