Google is in talks and in contact with its entire ‘Overseas Staff‘ and what company wants them to do right now is; return to the US. The move comes following newly elected US President Trump‘s newly announced Immigration Order; and it’s negative impact.

Apparently the negative impact of Donald Trump management’s particular executive order relating to their immigration policy has done two things; opening doors to non-stop criticism by almost everyone and having negative impact(s), now on tech industry even. The immigration order in question is severely restricting a list of companies and the abilities of a huge number of their employees.

After Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, now Google raises voice against the Trump administration’s kind of controversial approach towards the country’s new immigration rules/policy. The company has started urging their overseas staff to ‘avail the facility’ and return to the US before it’s too late; means they still can, till the ’90-day-limit’ is not over.

Zuckerberg Negative Impact of Trumps Immigration Order: Overseas Google Staff Suffers

Google forced recalling their ‘Overseas Staff’ 

As mentioned above, the new presidential order spells issues and trouble even for the tech industry, often hiring global talent and for the purpose, the staff is hired under a working visa. However, the subject immigration order now poses ‘great threat’ therefore; CEO Sundar Pichai (Pichai Sundararajan) issues the Google employees a memo to return back as early as possible.

sundar pichai 650x400 81439245450 1 Negative Impact of Trumps Immigration Order: Overseas Google Staff Suffers

The memo urges them all to rush back immediately since currently they’re outside of the US. “They should act while they still can or else; they would be risking ‘never being able’ to enter the country again,” conveyed the Indian American business executive.

Meanwhile, the employees ‘under threat’ are those working in the United States but outside currently; some on business some for leisure or other issues. Following Trump’s signing the order, many of the overseas staff reportedly attempted arrange for immediate return; several among them however, could not act in time. 

Trump leaves no ambiguity over his firm yet controversial or stubborn stance on foreign visas and immigration and referring to the negativity of Trump’s order Pichai describes: “Seeing the personal cost of this new executive order, on our colleagues; is painful for us.” 

What Exactly Is The Trump Immigration Order? 

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Briefly, it imposes ban over nearly all citizens from the following 7 nations:

  • Sudan – Iran- Syria – (Considered ‘terrorism-promoting’ nations)
  • Iraq – Somalia – Libya  and Yemen (Countries of Concern)


The citizens travelling from above listed countries are banned from entering the United States in the next 3 months (90 days to be exact).