8 3 Need to buy a cheap console with a lot of games? Xbox One S is what you should buy

Summer is coming to an end soon and some of you maybe wondering what console to get because it’s going to be better in terms of sales, especially with all kinds of Christmas or pre-Christmas kind of deal. September is usually the time when some of the biggest game’s releases and many of you may be wondering what console to get.

If you are looking for your first console or you are moving from last gen to this gen console then Xbox One S is a great buy for you. This is something we have based on the games not the hardware although there”s some benefits to Xbox One S in terms of hardware as well.

Why Xbox One S is an interesting offer?

First of all, in terms of specs PS4 and Xbox One S there’s a big difference. PS4 will offer you just a little better graphics in terms of resolution, then get yourself a PS4.

2 23 Need to buy a cheap console with a lot of games? Xbox One S is what you should buy

However, if you are not worried about that and you also have a 4k TV, Xbox One S maybe more interesting offer for you because not only it will upscale the games to 4k which makes the game to look better. It also comes with 4k movie streaming but also 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray player which is an interesting offer.

The Games

If you are somebody who never played or owned a console and you want one, or you are moving from your old console to the new console then Xbox One S is going to be an interesting offering for you because it comes with two services.

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Gaming services that offers you around 150 games all together combined for as little as just couple of dollars a month. Basically if you pay for subscription you are getting access to over a 50 games, that includes next generation games as well.