Comcast is home digital internet service , it is the claim of company to provide best home internet. But now the company is hard time on the claim fastest internet provider in its false advertisement. After the controversy the company has asked to stop National Advertising Board Review.

The Comcast hard times began when the Verizon raised a question about the false claim of providing fastest internet in font of National Advertising Division. The Verizon took a keen notice of Comcast’s Xfinity which received superior status.

download 1 NARB reviw: Comcast can not claim to provide Americas fastest internet


NARB noted has written in its decision both of the companies offers different type of services of uploading and downloading facilities. The price and value of data varies with the change in speed of download and upload. The Comcast has already faced an allegation $100 million in Washington state on misinforming the customers about Service Protection Plans and improper charging of service fee.

The NARB Findings:

During the trial the NARB has found the ISP s offering fasest internet without mentioning what does actually ” fastest” means. The word fastest has several meaning.  It may be downloading uploading fastest browsing etc, the company has used the word as marketing technique. The claim f the company is deceiving in some ways that the company has not mentioned or specified what type of fastest service they are providing or it is about the over all internet speed.

comcast xfinity logo 600x225 NARB reviw: Comcast can not claim to provide Americas fastest internet


The NARB has given the verdict only on the base of speed test provider Ookla from Jan. 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. The test represents only 10% of Xfinity of internet speed. Ookla’s data is not the true base t claim the fastest internet.

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For Future the company is agree to follow the recommendations by NARD and the company is hoped that the NARB and NAD will stop the advertisement to advertise further.