launches their new application, which is named as Ping Pong:

Musical.Ly is the centered application of the teen and tween, Some days ago that firm has launched the application which is named as Ping Pong, this is the fourth application from them. This application is for the video messaging onto the Application retailer, so this application was on the test trail at that moment before to share on the public sites. This application is a Shanghai-based. And those flagship applications had the Hundred million final fall of customers.

The startup and workplace of the Musical.Ly is in San Francisco the rising customers of this application are 60 million and the valued $100 million. After that the musical.Ly launched his third application which is SQUAD. This third application of the musical. Ly was really interested in this application is transferred by the musical. ly all this application Of the musical. ly interact with the other application of the musical. ly. In January SQUAD application launched the Team video chat on fanfare. The aim of musical. early to compete with the Facebook application with the arrangement of the actual time.

pingpong ios launches their new application, which is named as Ping Pong
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Ping Pong:

The meaning of the Ping Pong appears in the Squad application for the generation of the application and also for the Assisting and management of the application pings Pong is also used for the establish the connection between one side to the other Side and also for assisting the staff for the video chat and also for the application permits for face to face or live video Cheating, and the most important function synchronous video messaging. The ranked number of SQUAD was 318 in social Networking Class. And if we talk about the rank number of ping Pong application is in the 700 this application is also in the social networking class. This application will not be prepared simply for the prime time.

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