Virtual reality also known as VR, has been something of a one person experience till now. But wouldn’t it be fun if more than one player, could enjoy the same VR experience? Well this will finally be made real with the help of Nvidia. Which is bringing multi player support to VR, known as their ‘’Multi User VR System’’.

8 vr poc system.jpg Nvidias New Multi User VR System Promises Multiplayer Support In VR

Till now game developers were only paying attention on providing the best VR experience to their players. But VR is not all about playing alone, it could be so much more. Where finally with the help of Nvidia something like this will become possible in the near future. Nvidia’s new ’Multi User VR System’’ was recently demoed at GPU Technology Conference. Where Nvidia presented us with a prototype running this new concept of their.

The prototype system included four Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPU in SLI. This means that on the prototype a total of four players can enjoy VR experience in the same virtual world. While the VR headset used on the prototype was the business edition of HTC Vive. This brings a lot of new concepts, where multiple users can explore together in a single virtual world. Which can be a lot of things from amusements parks to emergency training.

maxresdefault 5 Nvidias New Multi User VR System Promises Multiplayer Support In VR

Senior architect Tom Kaye from Nvidia also said that with their new prototype “The possibilities are endless. With the addition of remote management and reliability features, such as multiple templates, clone on boot and remote rebuilds, we could see system builders working to create a robust, ready-to-deploy multi-user VR appliance.”

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”Multi User VR System” certainly is an interesting concept. But the only downside to it is still the overall cost of the machine itself. Which as of now is even expensive for a single player experience. But if you are attending GTC, then do visit Nvidia’s booth to check out their new multi user VR experience.