Memory frequency support on the earlier generation of AMD Ryzen motherboards aren’t looking so good. With a lot of users being barely able to run their memory at its described speeds. Motherboard manufacturers are already working to fix this issue. While MSI will be among the first one to come out with a solution.

Today MSI announced that the company will launch a new software update soon. With the help of this new update. MSI Ryzen motherboard owners would be able to opt for A-XMP mode. Which basically runs memory on its described speed. Hopefully the new update will arrive in line with the launch of AMD’s new Ryzen 5 CPU.


msi motherboard am4 click bios 5 a xmp MSI Soon To Launch A XMP Mode Update For Ryzen Motherboards To Fix Memory Frequency Issues
Source: .wccftech

Right now on the AMD side users are limited to DDR4 RAM running at a frequency of 2667MHz. Unless you were lucky and got one of the few selected kits that is compatible with AMD Ryzen motherboards. In that case the memory can be easily run at a frequency of 3600MHz if the RAM supports it.

Aside from that MSI will also be launching a set of new motherboards with X370 and B350 chipsets.

MSI X370 Motherboards:

With the launch of Ryzen 5 MSI is planning to launch 3 new models based on the X370 chipset. That will including X370 Krait Gaming, X370 Gaming Pro, and X370 SLI Plus. What’s good about all these three models is their reasonable prices. According to MSI these boards would be lower priced with good looking aesthetics, overclocking and multi GPU support as well.

MSI B350 Motherboards:

AMD motherboards with B350 chipset will include four new motherboards. Like the B350 Tomahawk Arctic, B350m Mortar Arctic, B350M Bazooka, and B350 PC Mate. These motherboards do not come with multi GPU support. But that does not mean they are not worth buying. You can still overclock well on a B350 chipset.

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