Nvidia recently announced their new GTX 1080TI GPU. A card designed for 4k gaming. Though as always with a launch of every GPU, consumers get to choose from a variety of third party GPU manufacturers. One being MSI, a company known for their quality GPU coolers.

The company just launched a teaser for their upcoming MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X graphics card. When it comes to MSI people know what they are getting. As MSI is known for using quality materials on their cooler etc. This time around with the upcoming Gaming X version of the GTX 1080TI. Users would also be getting a custom PCB.

MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X MSI GTX 1080Ti With Custom PCB
Source: VideoCardz

MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X will be using the company’s updated Twin Frozer VI cooler. Which also has RGB lighting on the shroud of the cooler. The lighting on the card can also be customized and can be controlled via MSI Afterburner utility. Aside from that the Twin Frozer VI cooler is said to have 22% more air pressure. Resulting in cool temperatures even under extreme overclocks.

As the Gaming X version of the MSI GTX 1080Ti has a custom PCB. The card also comes with 2 8-pin PCIE connectors instead of one 6-pin and an 8-pin. This means that its user would be able to overclock it further and better over the reference model. Due to access to extra power.

There is no information of the base and boost clocks of the MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X edition. But you should expect it to be higher than the reference model. Aside from that owners of the MSI GTX 1080TI Gaming X edition, would also be able to achieve higher overclocks than the reference model. Maybe even crossing the 2000 MHz barrier of the reference GTX 1080Ti.

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MSI might later on, also launch a lighting edition of the GTX 1080TI, known to the best that MSI has to offer in terms of cooling and overclocking potential.

Untitled MSI GTX 1080Ti With Custom PCB