When the graphics cards get to a certain level of performance, the cooling factor needs to be seen with utmost attention. Most of the high-performance graphics cards of the current time have water cooling solutions like ASUS Poseidon, MSI’s Sea Hawk, and Gigabyte’s Aorus Waterforce. But it seems like some companies don’t want to change the convention. MSI’s version of the flagship graphics card by Nvidia, the GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z comes with a bigger but older style of cooling.

Color Scheme of The Lightning Series


%name All about the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z   The flagship graphics card comes with a better cooling solutionIf you are following the Lightning series by MSI, you would have surely noticed that the series comes with a striking yellow color scheme which had become the identity of this series. But with the passage of time, MSI has shifted its attention from focusing on color schemes to focusing on high-end performance.

fc130c6ef896 All about the MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z   The flagship graphics card comes with a better cooling solution
This particular card, instead of focusing on aesthetics, has brought RGB lighting into the scene. This has enhanced the beauty of the card without taking much time of the company in this department.

How’s The Air Cooling?

MSI ditched its trusty dual-fan Twin Frozr solution and replaced it with an even better solution. As the dual fan design was not enough for the monster card, MSI has chosen a bigger 2.5 slot design to win over the heating issues.
It’s not as simple as it seems! The back plate is fully covered with the copper heat pipes which ensure that the card doesn’t get over heated and not only the card, the heat pipes pass just next to the PCB components to keep them cool. This process is being termed as “Close Quarters” by MSI.

Gigabyte's GTX 1070 Ti pictured - The card may seem to be from the G1 Gaming series but there is something different

What’s Under The Hood?

Aside from the impressive cooling solution, the Lightning Z has also got other breathtaking features to be discussed. The Lightning Z is crafted especially for the scenarios involving overclocking so requires an ample amount of power. To cater this need, a 14 phase power solution is provided by the manufacturers which can even combat with the extreme voltage issues.

What Else Do You Need?

The perfect Lightning Z package comes with:

  • An LN2 switch
  • Several temperature sensors for the GPU core
  • Voltage check points
  • Memory and VRMs

Can You Get It?

There will be only 3000 units of GTX 1080 made for the masses and not for the overclockers. So if you are planning to get one, pray to God that it becomes possible! Anyway, to sweeten up the scene, we need to tell you that an optional “Lightning” mode is kept reserved for the overclockers. This can be activated from within MSI’s software boosting up the GPU clock speed to 1721MHz.