There are a lot of contenders when it comes to the high end gaming laptops. Each offering better specs and features than the other. But what about the average joe, looking to get into the mobile gaming for the first time. Since there aren’t a lot of good options out there.

Even Intel has launched capable H series of their i7 Kaby Lake processor with bumped up clock speeds, compared to Skylake. Including Nvidia as the company has also launched their entry level GTX 1050 and 1050Ti graphic cards. So why isn’t there a laptop that takes advantage of both of these opportunities?

If you are still wondering then we have a treat for you. MSI a reputable company has just launched their new laptop named MSI GE62 7RD Apache. What good about this laptop is its entry level specs and price. MSI GE62 7RD Apache comes equipped with both the 7th gen i7 7700HQ processor and the GTX 1050 graphics card. Able to play most games at high settings. While the latest AAA titles can also be played with somewhat reduced graphics settings.

GE62F 11 MSI GE62 7RD Apache An Entry Level Gaming Laptop
Source: techspot

There are a lot of cons to this laptop as well. One being the bulky weight and design of the laptop. That looks nothing like what MSI has to offer. In their mid to high range of gaming laptops. The whole chassis is also made out of plastic. To be honest MSI GE62 7RD Apache looks like an average beefy 15 inch gaming laptop. Thanks to the addition of a DVD drive that MSI included. Which in the year 2017 is not of much use.

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MSI could have skipped on the DVD drive and made the laptop a little bit thinner though. Cooling on the laptop is also mediocre. With both GPU and CPU averaging around 70 degrees on load. Users do have an option to choose from a FHD or 4k display. But we would recommend going for a FHD display. As getting a 4k display on an entry level gaming laptop, won’t be wise.

GE62S 10 MSI GE62 7RD Apache An Entry Level Gaming Laptop
Source: techspot

MSI GE62 7RD Apache does offer a better keyboard though. As the company have added the same keyboard it uses on its high end laptops, made by SteelSeries. Aside from that the keyboard is RGB equipped, having a total of three adjustable RGB lighting zones.

The starting price of the MSI GE62 7RD Apache is $1200. Which is considerably lower than what the competition has to offer.