It seems like the AMD partners are turning their back on Vega 64 graphics card. Recently, we covered the controversy between Gigabyte and AMD regarding the production of custom Vega 64 cards and now it seems like MSI has also joined the race. The company has been delaying to provide the partner companies with the Vega graphics chips so that they can make versions of their own but now it turns out that the manufacturers have lost their interest too! Despite the fact that the Vega graphics cards are still selling like hotcakes even on unjustified price tags but the hype is not there anymore.

pic 12 After Gigabyte, MSI backs off from making the re engineered version of AMDs Vega 64

MSI Following Gigabyte

Gigabyte previously announced that it won’t be making the AORUS version of Vega 64 and will focus on a revamped version of the GTX 1070 which is GTX 1070 Ti. Yes! A Ti version of the king of past is coming out and many of the manufacturers are already working on it. So according to the latest news, MSI is also on the same track now and will be working for the production of GTX 1070 Ti. According to Tom’s Hardware, MSI says:


MSI’s response surprised us. The company traditionally offers re-engineered graphics cards with custom PCB designs for all high-end GPU platforms, but it appears to be skipping the Vega lineup. A company representative told us that MSI “won’t be making a custom card anytime soon,” but could offer no additional information.

After ASUS, Gigabyte also jumps into the production of custom RX Vega graphics cards