Mozilla is anon profit organization primarily known for Mozilla Firefox.Mozilla is going through major changes in internet health .They have taken an initiative of internet health report project.

Mozilla is launching a prototype project about the health of internet.The project is about the determining factors healthy and malfunction of internet.It has intended to give an ultimate and secure healthy internet facility to it’s users.

Five core that effect the health of internet:

Mark Surman , Mozilla executive director explain the need to free access to everyone. Surman has said it not illegal to commercialize internet.But it should not be in few hands.It is not the service that should be monopolized by industry giants.But it is a commodity of everyone there is no need of economic depict.

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  • internet should not be monopolized by industry giants but in the access of everyone.
  • Centralization of internet leads lack entrepreneurial opportunities.It concise to only few hands.
  • The other agendas  of focus other than decentralization of internet are online privacy
  • Digital inclusion 
  • and web literacy

Open innovation- Mozilla support reforms of intellectual property laws:

Open innovation is place where any of piece if writing or technical advancement can be publish without asking prior permission.The technology will be able to run and use of internet transparent and understandable. Indirectly Mozilla leads to make reforms in intellectual property laws and gives the alternative such as lincesing methods for creations.

Mozilla try to make internet cheaper in verity of languages:

Internet health reports also suggest that the primary language of internet is English while only 25% of world population can understand English remaining 75% is not able to avail the facility.

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As well as project want to make internet access easy for almost everyone , up to 57.8% cannot afford broad band and 39.5% are not in financial position to avail landline facility of internet.

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Healthy citizenship(Literacy and privacy):

Online security is major concern of every producer and customer.In internet world information is most uncertain commodity ,is primary concern of individual organizations as well as governments.Web literacy means to built lack of information gap between skilled and unskilled users in basic function of internet.It is other than coding and configuration or technical tasks of internet but for lay man use.It gives lean data information that users shares online.