Remakes generally aren’t much interesting for video games but in the case of Hideo Kojima’s P.T. for Silent Hills, things are a bit different. The horror-based video game was canceled due to some controversies and was ultimately brought down from PSN. But after its remakes surfaced on PCs, it seems like the game will be playable from now onward.

PT Remakes for Hideo Kojima’s P.T. (Silent Hills) appear online   Two of the good looking remakes discussed!

Silent Hills

Gamers think that because Silent Hills didn’t have a good start, so ultimately P.T. was victimized. PlayStation Network not only brought the title down entirely but also, Konami’s reinstalling ability was blocked. So a gap was created here which apparently, remakers saw as a great opportunity to fill in.

The Remakes

There are two notable remakes for P.T. dubbed as:


The first one to be mentioned here is by LinusPixel which has actually extracted the original files including animation, map and texture data from the game, with a new engine. You can even get your hands on the prototype(Bugs expected).

Corridors(By SmoggyChips):

Unreal Engine 4 hosts this remake of Konami’s P.T. To get the feel near to the original game, download and play the game by clicking here.

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