This is good news for Motorola Z play owner that the company has started Android 7.0 nougat updated before then the due date.  Motorola wanted to make happy the U.S customers after the faulty launch in 2017. The news came up that Moto Z Play is worthy compatible with new OS.

Moto Z Play Droid Carousel 678x452 Moto Z Play started updating Android nougat 7.0 sooner than the due date
Moto Z Play

Motorola has earlier announced the nougat update the OS of Moto Z play and Moto Z in March but it has made possible to strat almost a month earlier. It seems that Motorola does not want to loose the U.S. customers. Earlier the updates have been rolled out for European customer in January and for another Z series includes Moto Z-Droid and Moto Z-Droid Force in 2016.

The unlocked weight of Moto Z Play is being rolled out over-the-air (OTA) as hefty 1121.1 MB.

The updated and new features:

Unlock Model Moto Z Play would be introduced to multiple new features in Android nougat 7.0 updates. The first feature is the multi-window support system, more than two apps are functional at the same time. The updated Android nougat 7.0 is capable support more than 1500 emojis based on gender equality.

unlocked moto z release 1 Moto Z Play started updating Android nougat 7.0 sooner than the due date
Unlocked Moto Z Play

Moto Z Play unlocked also support Doze Mode that saves the power and increases battery life. The updates also enable the user to the quick setting, it offers setting tiles other than the setting bar. Android software updates bring direct boot and security update.

How to install updates on Moto Z Play:

There are mainly two ways for Android nougat 7.0 installation the one is manual and second is automatical. If you want to install from automatical method, follow the following steps

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Step 1: Select the option and then select download select, Install now.

Step 2: The phone will reboot automatically after the successful installation of updates

If you have not gotten the updates notification, there the second method is manual updates follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Open the apps menu and then  Settings option.

Step 2: After opening Settings Select About Phone.

Step 3: Choose System Updates.

Step 4: Click “Yes I’m in”. After the completion of download click on Install

Step 5: When the updates successfully installed, the phone will reboot automatically.

It is compulsory your phone must have good charging not less than 50, it is also advised you must have WiFi connection prior to updating Android nougat 7.0.