Right now almost every nine smartphones out of ten is running on android . Its not a surprise news that why the hackers and criminals targeting the smartphones. Now a days the discovery of new android malware apps is not a big deal. But the targets on smartphone is becoming higher and higher with the time . The latest research revealed that the malicious apps are spreading quickly on android.

hummingwhale android malware 840x473 More Than 8,000 Mobile Malware Samples Are Detected On Daily Basis

The security analyst and researcher at G data predict that by the end of this year there will be 3,500,000 new malicious android files. However the threats remain higher as more than 8,000 malware samples detected everyday.

The security researchers has discovered more the 750,000 new malware apps in the mid of the first quarter of this year. The team also said that the primary reason why malware-infected software has become a routine for android system due to the lack of updates.The team warned that the problem is spreading widely in third party devices due to the less frequent updates.

A new trend started in the last year when the security researchers discovered 3.2 milion new malware samples compared to 2.3 in 2015.

android malware More Than 8,000 Mobile Malware Samples Are Detected On Daily Basis

This figure not talk about the infected apps. Most of the android malware is discovered in other devices(third party) app stores.The users should need to cautious to secure there devices. The users need to be on the play stores for downloading apps, try to check the credibility. And if the google offers you security updates then you should install security updates.

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