If you aren’t aware of Mistel Keyboards, it’s actually a growing brand which specializes in enthusiast level keyboard production. Commonly referred as Mistel, the company has released its all-new MD600 Barocco keyboard.

Coming from Mistel’s famous Barocco lineup, the keyboard comes with the trending RGB setup (Who buys those old and normal keyboards these days?)

This is actually the first RGB lit keyboard of the Barocco series, making it stand out from all of its predecessors. The best thing about this keyboard is that it is a split keyboard with the left and right half separated as seen in the picture.

%name “Mistel Keyboards” updates its inventory with the all new MD600 keyboard – It is the only RGB lit keyboard of the Barocco series!


Here are the key specifications of the keyboard:

Layout: 60%, split form factor in modified US ANSI/ISO layout
Material: ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, stainless steel plate
Macro Support: Yes
Weight: 0.49 kg / 1.07 lbs.
Wrist Rest: No
Anti-Ghosting: Full N-Key rollover USB
Media Keys: Available as a secondary function
Dimensions: 125 (L) x 296 (W) x 39 (H) mm (When joined together)
Cable Length: 6.0 ft / 1.8 m (Keyboard to PC cable)
Software: No
Switch Type: Choice of Cherry MX RGB Red, Blue, Brown, Black, Speed (Silver), or Nature White mechanical switch
Backlighting: Yes, RGB LED
Interface: USB
Warranty: One year
Intel Core i7-8550U Coffee Lake comes inside Acer Nitro AN515-31a