Well sometime, you just need to grab life by the collar. Studio of Torn Banner, a trailer highlighting another magical fighter for the fantasy multiplayer with having a first person shooter, Mirage: Arcane Warfare.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare originates from the group who made Chivalry: Medieval Warfare which was commended for its instinctive lacking elbow room battle. Illusion blends things up with the expansion of hostile and protective spells in a dreamland with antiquated Persian and Arabic impacts.

The video arrangement called ‘Instruments of Death’ which highlights Mirage’s list of supernatural warriors, flaunts The Vigilist’s arrangement of guarded capacities.

  • Ward Strike: Fire a supernatural shield that stuns adversaries on contact
  • Scatter: Rise over the front line before pummeling once again into the ground, pushing back any close-by foes
  • Surge: Summon a gigantic wave that thumps down any objective in its way
  • Press Dome: Spawn a defensive shield rise around yourself
  • Impaler: Stab forward with a mystically stretched lance, pulling adversaries back towards you

At dispatch, Mirage will dispatch with six classes who’s appearances can be redone. Here’s a touch of foundation for every class:

  • Vypress – A subtle and deft professional killer that uses her portability and speed to chop enemies down
  • Alchemancer – Powerful mage that depends exclusively on the staggering force and abilities of his enchantment
  • Taurant– Hulking savage that exceeds expectations at scuffle and uses his size and physical quality to command adversaries upclose
  • Tinker – Defensive trap master that uses her craftiness and mind to crush bigger rivals.
  • Vigilist– Stalwart safeguard that backings her colleagues with her control over the combat zone and thump around capacities
  • Entropic – Staff using half breed that has an enchantment cover and a blend of hostile and bolster abilities
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