8 29 Mike Ybarra Confirms that Scorpio games wont be held back by Xbox One

With E3 on it’s way, we are very much eagerly awaiting the reveal of the Project Scorpio. And of course we do know the specifications of the machine but we don’t know how does it looks like, price, release date and games. Given that it is going to be revealed before too long, is undoubtedly a conversation and discussion and so on.

We have some comments from Mike Ybarra once again stressing that Microsoft are not making developers go one way or the other with the use of technology. They are free to use the extra horsepower for whatever they wish it seems. And he said on his Twitter:

Now this raise an interesting concern for us other from another story Twitter user who asked:

And Mike replied:

So, basically there is nothing to worry about even when it comes to multiplayer, even if a multiplayer game is on both Scorpio and Xbox One which it will be. Given that’s what Mike have stressed they’re going to be doing then we are going to have to worry about the limited horsepower of the Xbox One version. Perhaps limiting the framerate of the much more powerful Scorpio. Which is definitely a nice thing to hear.

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Interesting enough this is further expanded by the general manager of Microsoft Studios by the name of Shannon Loftus who said:

Now obviously this prompted a lot of questions and bit of confusion but she later clarified by saying:

Now obviously this does lead to some interesting concerns as to “Will we see a case of Xbox Scorpio people playing against Xbox One people who may have different framerates?” One Scorpio might be a 60, the one might be 30, and we’ve seen Destiny 2 that’s not going to be 60 FPS on console due to the Pro not having enough power but will it be on Scorpio? We just don’t know.