Microsoft’s current value on the stock market is above $500 Billion. The last time tech giant value over $500 billion was 17 years ago in 2000, which was before the launch of Windows XP.

Microsoft 696x392 Microsoft’s current Market Value Tops $500 Billion after 17 year

Microsoft was considered too slow and unimaginative for a long time. Since Satya Nadella has taken the leadership, the tech giant is ready to achieve new goals and increase its market value, which reflected in the current price of company shares.

When Satya Nadella took the position of CEO and replace Steve Ballmer, the company already set some basic principles for today’s success. but the real change to today’s successful business model was brought by Nadella.
030911 ibm stockb 100273275 orig Microsoft’s current Market Value Tops $500 Billion after 17 year

Since then the company also made some mistakes. The Windows Mobile business didn’t compete in the mobile industry and failed quickly.Windows Vista and Windows 8 were the worrying factors along with Windows 10 which did not attract many users expected in the beginning.
7383a4a6da832df295626957fd0358c1 Microsoft’s current Market Value Tops $500 Billion after 17 year

Microsoft continues to Focus on business customer and subscription.
The company allow Microsoft Office in iOS and implement new tactics in cloud business,

The Cloud revenue was $6.9 billion which increased up to 8% in last quarter of 2016, and Microsoft Azure revenues increase 93% from the previous quarter.
The shares gained up to 2.1 percent in the market with highest and record value of 65.64 dollars per share.
Microsoft has rolled out a touchscreen Cortana-powered thermostat - The thermostat release is a part of Microsoft's IoT campaign


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