Qi Lu of Microsoft became a member of Chinese search engine administrator Baidu. In his new position as the Group President and COO, Qi Lu will take care of its items, innovation, sales and promoting operations. Qi Lu, was with Microsoft for a long time as officer in control and held the role of EVP of the applications and service team amid his career. Baidu’s previous COO David Zhu resigned to join GGV Capital as an investor in 2014, and the organization had an eye out for somebody who could take it to its peak.

Baidu is an technology-based media organization, which is a main language Internet seek supplier. Its goal is to give the best search results to what individuals are searching for in a business medium. Baidu additionally opens doors for these business projects to associate with target crowds and clients keen on trade.

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, expressed his trust in Qi Lu and talked about the organization’s goal of reinforcing the administration and technology segment. This would include strategic arrangements keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the objectives in AI. Qi Lu is viewed as the vital figure in starting and executing Baidu’s core interests. Microsoft veteran Qi Lu has immense experience in executing leadership and administration abilities and is viewed as a main specialist on AI. Qi Lu’s abdication from Microsoft was supposedly on account of repeating medical problems. Qi Lu awaits to join the organization and Baidu’s AI plan. He wants to make significant contributions to the development of AI innovation.

smartcrop Microsofts chief executive resigns to team up with Baidu, a Chinese search engine operator
Qi Lu, Microsoft’s former executive

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“Baidu is well known as one of China’s top technology companies, and is already recognized on the global stage as a leader in AI. I am excited to help realize Baidu’s visionary AI strategy. To be part of Baidu’s evolution into a world-class technology company for the AI-era is a tremendous opportunity. Under Robin’s leadership, I look forward to working with the entire Baidu team to create a true global technology leader” stated Qi Lu.

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Lu’s enrollment will help Baidu as it tries to fall off its tumultuous year having confronted an online embarrassment in regards to medical advertisements that brought about government limitations to the organization. With AI hailed as the upcoming benefit driver for the business, he is viewed as the banner conveyor for the wanted changes. Qi Lu holds more than 40 U.S. licenses, and he will concentrate on research on cutting edge advancements and anticipates a more extensive range regarding improvements and profits.

Speculation about Baidu making a savvy gadget that would be like the Amazon Echo, which can decode verbal orders and request food or even summon autos have flowed on the web. Maybe Qi Lu will be contributory in taking the speculations forward.