asfhdgffgfsd Microsoft Xbox One X Is The Best Machine To Play All Third Party Games – Still No Real Exclusive Game

It seems to be clear that Xbox One X is going to be an ultimate way of playing that going to be an out commitment machine to play all third-party games, multi-platform games and it’s going to be really focusing mainly on delivering better experiences that are already available on other consoles as well.

Before Microsoft conference there’s been quite a lot of rumors and talks about exclusives for the console and truly we did get some exclusives. But these exclusives are not really groundbreaking. We finally learned the release date for already announced games like State of Decay, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves. Also we got another couple of great games announced as well also a lot of new exclusives. But these exclusives are rather like smaller indeed kind of games.

Chris Charla who’s a director for the idea of Xbox program he said that they will not be blocking anyone from releasing those games on other platforms. It looks like Microsoft don’t really care about the exclusivity thing. They are actually trying to deliver the best experience for all the games which is really possible on their platform.

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Microsoft want to go kind of PC kind of route where at the end of the day even PC’s have some kind of exclusives but they want to be very close to PC gaming, they want to integrate and the very fact that all games are available on Windows 10 PC’s anyway.

Microsoft have been hyping Xbox One X for a while and they keep talking about 4k textures, 4k resolution, the best experience on the console which is all true but the fact is that this console and Xbox One S as well doesn’t really have a really compelling exclusives right now. There’s still not any groundbreaking exclusive for which this console is worth buying for.

Is Xbox One X going to save Xbox Division and Xbox One console sales overall?