Watching at the hype created by Xbox One X among the console gamers, what do you think of it? I mean don’t you get the idea of this console as company’s new generation consoles? The company does not think so!

Just One More Option

b5687a1b 51b6 4945 8df6 3a9d47238224.jpg?n=PS 767 Mosaic5 Open img Is Xbox One X a next generation console by Microsoft? Albert Penello differs!

Microsoft expresses its point of view regarding this matter in a very reserved way. For Microsoft, the console is not a half step or a new generation. Rather, the marketing director of XBox, Albert Penello says that it is an addition to the console options in the market.

Microsoft’s Company Policy

These ideas were expressed by Albert Penello in an interview to WhatsGoodGames where he answered the questions related to the ongoing craze regarding XBox One X’s sales figures in response to the hardware changes which Microsoft has introduced.

Xbox One X Console Explode Dark Gray Is Xbox One X a next generation console by Microsoft? Albert Penello differs!

It’s kinda natural that every layman out there thinks of the console as a generational shift or something similar but Penello differs!

How do I make grandma not have to figure out what game to buy? No one should feel dumb in this transition. Buy a game that says Xbox One on it, and it doesn’t matter what console, it’s 100% compatible. Buy an accessory that says Xbox One, it’s going to work. These were all questions we had to wrestle with which meant we had to shed a lot of traditional console generation thinking.

While an answering a question regarding the same popular opinion of considering Xbox One X as a mid-point or a generational change Penello replied:

It’s its own thing! It’s a new thing. That’s what I think is cool about it. If you step outside the console, people are faced with choice on literally everything in life. Why is there a 4 cylinder, a 6 cylinder, and an 8 cylinder if you’re a car guy? Why are there 2 washing machines? Why are there phones that are a different sizes? Most people figure out what their value is for what they want to spend. It’s only consoles that have lived in this very fixed, singular consumer electronics mode, and that’s why I don’t think it’s going to be as confusing for people as the industry is making it out to be. I think people will be able to figure out where they care about tech, where they are with price, and what is important to them with gaming. They’re going to be able to make a decision.
Our job was to then make it super simple after that, for games, for Xbox Live, and for upgrading.

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