Earlier in this year, Microsoft released it Whiteboard app that was featured in Surface devices. Microsoft promises to introduce this feature to all of its Surface devices at the end of year 2017. According to the report, the company is releasing a preview version of Whiteboard app version in all Windows 10 devices. The Whiteboard app allows users to share multiple work collaboration among worldwide users by creating digital links.

Microsoft Windows 10 allows a user to create images, mockup and any type of notes with the help of ink on virtual whiteboard. However, the company allows to enjoy app having Windows 10, but you have to active Office 365 subscription for full version due the thir party supports on Windows 10.

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Moreover, the app can help a user in many ways, like with the geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading, collaboration with the ink. The company intentions are only for a user to share ink with many devices, and your virtual whiteboard connects your work with other virtual whiteboards on multiple devices. According to the report:

Microsoft is rolling this test app out to English Windows 10 editions today, with plans to support additional languages in the coming months. The Whiteboard app for Windows 10 will be available in the Windows Store shortly.

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