Microsoft upcoming Windows 10 Redstone updates in early 2017. On the second anniversary of Microsoft Redstone branch Microsoft going to release windows 10  aka Redstone available for PC as well as smartphones.

After that Microsoft has plans to next version Redstone on later year although name and features of the new version are till undecided. There is no more excited about new version Redstone because of no new feature.


After few days before the launch of, Creators Updates Windows insiders starts test Redstone 3 and will be charged in beginning of Windows 10. The Creators Update will focus on a multitude of departments within Windows 10, from business and productivity related improvements to facilitating.

microsoft windows 10 redstone 3 to launch in 2017 513132 3 Microsoft upcoming Windows 10 Redstone updates in early 2017


Only updates will focus on different departments of Windows 10 Redstone like improvements in gaming’s and entertainment, internet and browsing, security, interface overhaul, the new version is refined multiple for business and developments.

Action Centre of Microsoft is liable for numbers of updates to notifications. we are unaware of next updates of Microsoft Windows Redstone but might believe for that will include new features for Creators update, but still unable for Project Neon-based on new languages for UWP and OS with new languages.


maxresdefault 2 10 Microsoft upcoming Windows 10 Redstone updates in early 2017

From sources here come to know a developers conference taking place in may for What are plans in 2017



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