Microsoft unveils Windows 11: Here are the top 5 features

Microsoft has recently launched the next-gen Windows 11 in a virtual event. With the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft claims to simplify and personalize the user interface to a great extent. The addition of new features and improved performance will make the user experience smooth and quick. 

Windows 11 Features

The curiosity to know the new updates of Windows 11 is on the verge. According to some sources, Windows 11 has been designed in such a way that it benefits a wide range of users from business owners to gamers. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing Windows 11 features. 

Windows 11 Updated Taskbar

Image Source: Windows Central

Windows 11 has left no stone unturned in giving a tough competition to its rivals. In this pursuit, Windows 11 is coming with an updated taskbar which will be placed right at the centre. The positioning at the centre will make it look attractive. The taskbar will help the users easily access different apps. The company has also resised the taskbar, it will be taller than before. Moreover, the icone will now appear in a circular shape. Apart from this, the new widgets will let users access other options too. One of the major updates in Windows 11 is its Snap layout which will allow users to manage multiple screens simultaneously. 

Microsoft Teams as default in Windows 11

Image Source: CNet

The new Windows 11 has built-in Microsoft Teams. Through this feature, users can easily video call or schedule a video call. This feature has been introduced keeping in mind the business owners. Windows 11 promises to help entrepreneurs conduct business with an ease.

Android Apps incorporated in Windows 11

Image Source: Verge

There is good news for all the Android users. The new Windows 11 will let the Android users be comfortable with it. All the Android apps will be integrated into the OS. This means that you will be able to use the Android apps on Windows desktop/laptop. All you have to do is download the apps from the Amazon app store and you are good to go. Your favourite or most used app will be placed on the screen for easy access. 

An Enhanced Gaming Experience with Windows 11

Image Source: Forbes

Some major improvements have been introduced for all the gamers out there. The new Windows 11 will incorporate the Xbox Game Pass. In addition to this, Windows 11 will also support DirectStorage which will allow you to load the game quickly. HDR compatible monitors will be able to use the Auto HDR function too. 

Windows 11 Voice control and Gesture control

Image Source: Slash Gear

With Windows 11, users will have more control over voice and gestures. The pen-stylus has been made better for good. Microsoft has also claimed that the keyboard in the updated Windows 11 will work as smooth as a smartphone keyboard. Windows 11 will allow you to control the cursor while holding the space bar, swipe movement and emoji menu. Moreover, the voice controls in the new Windows 11 will allow you to dictate and delete text. 


The new updates in Windows 11 have made sure that the OS is compatible with the future and the competition that it will face from other operating systems. 

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