When the company issues it’s security and anti-virus updates for windows, it has been mostly on the second Tuesday of the month, for which it is known as Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. Its gradually altering with Windows 10, however for now, Patch Tuesday stays pretty entrenched.

464768 windows 10 ditches patch tuesday for security s sake Microsoft Thinking Of Launching Some Of Security Updates Focused At Fixing some problems with Adobe Flash Player With Complete Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday
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Microsoft, that’s why came to a conclusion to skip February 2017’s Patch Tuesday and postpone its updates for the whole month was mainly striking. It’s certainly an uncommon incidence, however it now seems that the company isn’t fully squashing all Windows updates, as Betanews reports.

Coming Tuesday, Microsoft is thinking of launching some of their security updates focused at repairing some problems with Adobe Flash Player. The news comes from an email that the company sent to its biggest enterprise clients, which read:

“Microsoft is scheduling to launch security updates for Adobe Flash Player. Following operating systems will be presented with these updates: Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016. No other security updates are planned for launch till the next planned monthly update launch on March 14, 2017.”

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Its precisely unidentified what updates and repairs Microsoft is making in the Flash Updates, or why did they picked to launch the bug fixes and few others comprised in the Patch Tuesday package February 2017. At least one problem, an SMB crashing bug, was viewed as significant by many clients, and unsolved security issue was lately exposed by Google as a part of its Project Zero, which issues zero-day bugs 90 days after Google lets a developer know, the bug occurs.

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There is no need of being astonished, if you see the updates on your Windows machine and see there is one looking forward for you. You will be still waiting for the full package Patch Tuesday fix, but in the meantime, you should move forward and run the updates to assure your Adobe Flash software is safe.