There is a good news for users of Surface Pro 4 specially for resident of USA  company offers $100 discount on tablets.The discount is applied only on one model of the tablet and offers is and outside market has been target other than US.The model of the tablet is Surface Pro 4 , Intel Core i5 and 128 GB hard storage is now available in $899 rather than $999 just for the month of January.While the remaining would be offered at the same price.

Specification of Surface Pro 4:

Surface Pro 4 is high tech and efficient machine probably a good alternative of laptop. Surface pro 4 thin and fast ,power efficient ,versatile and easily portable machine.The technical specs are 6th generation Intel core processor, support professional grade software, 12,3 inches display, Pixel sense display,good color contrast and Surface pen stylus.So, we can say that it is user friendly machine you can easily carry it like your mobile phone any where you want.

4mssurface 1 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Deals: Price Of 128 GB, Intel Core i5 Variant By $100 just for the month of January
Surface Pro 4

Surface pro 4 is good alternative of laptop:

Microsoft says”Surface Pro 4 is meticulously crafted to be a powerful, ultrathin laptop – or a beautiful tablet that can stand on its own,” it is great to keep with you while travel.The cover are with backlid keys , large trackpad it can support multi touch gestures ,cover porthand Surface Connect.Surface Pro 4 support all the computer accessories like mouse surface dock, key board , high resolution monitor and other peripheral.

The Surface Pro 4 model on sale at $100 off offers 4 GB of RAM,microSD card reader, Mini DisplayPort,Connectivity options  Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, full-size USB 3.0 and a headphone jack.

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Surface Pro 4 has kick stand user can set it in any feasible position,even when it is docked.Surface Pro 4 is ha the latest  version Microsoft Office ,Outlook  OneNote ,it the built in facility that is given as the privilege of Microsoft tablets user and remain required updaet are given.Surface Pro 4 gives the facility upgrade the enterprise grade facial of recognition technology.It support multi profiles so you can manage different accounts depend on the number of users.

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Surface Pro 4 is very good user connection it uses window hello face detector ,5 migapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rear camera,stereo micro phones and stereo speakers.

As previously it has been mentioned that the Surface Pro 4 is available in just $899 instead of $999.It is best time for the interested customers to take the advantage of offer.The same model with same price is available at Amazon as well,It is the time to avail the offer.