Microsoft’s Surface Book Laptop is still the newest device of the company.  Still, Microsoft is not ready to replace the Surface book with something else due to lack of hardware or rumors of updated sequel of the surface book know as surface book 2. Microsoft is only issuing mid-generation update surface book with performance base.  Microsoft surface book is still in the list of the top process called ” top dog” in 2016 and till now. Many of users of big hits like dell and HP have converted to Surface book users and Other companies are still trying to get that ultraportable crown.But few, like Dell’s latest XPS 13 2-in-1 is close to Surface Book in the list of tops.

microsoft azure uk Blame For Hefty Price of Microsoft Products Microsoft or Brexit
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Microsoft’s surface book is the most cost hardware in the UK and the only reason they give is the Brexit impact in the UK.  Company increase price of its Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and few consumer software to 11.5% from before.The original Surface Book now cost Starting from $1500 with specs like debut systems for Intel’s 6th generation CPUs with Performance Base. While we can buy Core i5 processor with specs like 8GB of RAM and 128GB solid state drive. But these rises in prices are only applicable to consumers or organizations. Microsoft gives the permit to partners to sold these devices at whatever price they want. In January 2017, Microsoft raised their prices up to 22 percent of companies which are using its software and services. Raised was due to the pound hit a 31 year less than US dollar in October 2016 and the due to Brexit. Now All types of Surface pro 4 are now cost between raise of 2 percent to 12 percent.

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This Brexit not only have it impact on Microsoft but also many other tech brands raise their prices due to Brexit weekend pound like Apple has also increased price of laptops in the UK and also the price of apps to 25 percent. Microsoft is facing many problems in having labor outside Europe due to its voice against Brexit but hopefully, it soon can have labor outside Europe.