major nelson profile Microsoft rolled out New system update which brings new features for Xbox One and Xbox One X 

This particular update is interesting because it’s available for every one so, no more insider kind of program update. This is actually for every single console out there and it actually brings few interesting new features as well along with all kinds of system performance fixes.

Lets dive into it

This update is introducing the upload of custom game pictures for your Xbox Profile so, that you can make a funny picture of yourself.

Now that there’s mixer co-streaming on console, with just few clicks you can stream three of your friends online in the same stream.

Also user will be able to sign in to their Xbox with just pressing the button depending on their controller.

There’s some changes to the tournaments for the killer instincts.

Custom Gamer Pic Gif V2 Microsoft rolled out New system update which brings new features for Xbox One and Xbox One X 

Starting this month user will be able to upload an image from their console Windows PC or mobile phone for the game picture or customize profile picture or background. It will be available for everyone to see. Co-Streaming comes to Xbox One console mixer tabbing clubs. Co-streaming arrives on Xbox One, with co-streaming you end up to three of your friends can broadcast together to create a shared multi-view experience on mixer.

With Co-streaming on the console user can invite others to call stream and join a coast stream. Entirely from Xbox One to invite other user to Co-stream simply select.

Other multiple people using your Xbox with multiple controllers you can now link a specific controller to an Xbox profile for easy automatic sign in. Once linked it will sign in to your Xbox with that profile when that controller turns on and you will be ready to play. Along with Xbox design lab and button mapping this is another great way to personalize your controller.

Microsoft is introducing new features to the Xbox Insider Program and it's open for all Xbox Owners