Rumors are claiming that Microsoft’s next-gen family of Xbox consoles will include a streaming box designed to leverage its new game-streaming service. A similar news regarding the arrival of streaming service by Microsoft was surfacing the internet a few days ago but the news then wiped away somewhere.

Now, the rumors are again rising that after Redmond solves the key latency issues, Microsoft will definitely come up with this new gaming sensation.

 Xbox One X 796x398 Microsoft about to release a streaming box to leverage its new game streaming service!

Sources say the online-only streaming device will be powered by Microsoft’s beefy cloud infrastructure, and that it’ll be a low-power box that costs less than typical next-gen hardware.

 Microsoft has decided to counter the latency issue by running two snipped versions of the game. One, on the mini-system: a version that runs locally on the box’s hardware, and another one that is streamed online. The cloud itself will essentially piece both parts together to make a whole in real-time.  

 The world of gaming is on a history growth path where the increasing number of gamers is met with the increasing creative power of game developers. In this significant moment, we are constantly challenging ourselves. Where can we take gaming next?

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