If you are an Xbox gamer, you probably know the struggle of attaching a keyboard and mouse with it. The ease of using the two basic gaming peripherals just doesn’t go well with the consoles for huge number of reasons and Microsoft is about to change that for better.
With an ever-increasing criticism, Microsoft has decided to roll out a mouse support for Xbox. According to Windows Central:

Microsoft was at least planning to bring mouse support to the April update of the Xbox dev kit. Redmond showed off the sofa-friendly Razer Turret keyboard and mouse peripheral in partnership with Razer, who joined Microsoft for the presentation.

small razer hyperflux right Want a really cool looking mouse for your Xbox console? Microsoft and Razer are already working on it!
For this project, Microsoft has actually collaborated with Razer to introduce features like Razer Chroma RGB lighting support on Xbox games. So if you are a player of titles like Overwatch or DOTA 2 etc., it’s time to get fun that is equal to that of those playing it on PC
According to Windows Central, Microsoft said:

It’s entirely up to developers on how they want to utilize mouse and keyboard support, emphasizing that the presence of mouse and keyboard can be detected, meaning a developer could potentially lock players to specific playlists based on their inputs to preserve balance. Microsoft encourages developers to monitor how mouse and keyboard players compete against gamepad players and make adjustments where necessary, while “highly suggesting” that use of mouse and keyboard should be used in separate matchmaking rules.

Microsoft's Creators Windows 10 will get updates in March 2017