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Microsoft OneDrive New Features: What is in store for businesses and consumer accounts?

Microsoft_OneDrive New Features

Undoubtedly, technology is evolving as the day goes by, and everything is already going digital. The worldwide lockdown caused by Coronavirus made people appreciate digital technologies better since most companies and organizations had to move their work online. 

Remote working requires using top-notch apps to be more productive, even connecting with friends and families also requires the same.Usually, files are a significant key in getting work done successfully and staying connected. Memos, presentations, photos, videos are the channel for more productive interactions. 

Of course, most businesses and organizations rely on Microsoft OneDrive to store and share files. Microsoft OneDrive is one of the top cloud storage service platforms on the market and a significant choice for both businesses and individual users who use Microsoft Office packages.

The good news is that Microsoft has announced the new OneDrive features across Microsoft 365 that will cause more connected and flexible files to experience to business users, more control to admins, and a more personal touch to people at home.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft OneDrive 

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Social networks

For the web version, social networks can be linked directly to your OneDrive account. This feature enables sharing files with coworkers, and permissions can also be set for each user from read-only to total access to editing documents.

Easy organization

With Microsoft OneDrive, it is easy for you to store any type of file on OneDrive, either photos, videos, or documents. And also get to access them from your mobile device or any of your Windows PCs or mobile devices. Besides, the files are organized by type to find the file you need quickly.

Free storage

Microsoft OneDrive provides users 15GB of free storage space and the opportunity to earn an additional free storage space. Microsoft has introduced a referral reward where users gain extra storage for every friend that signs up to an account through them.

Also, additional storage is provided if users directly link OneDrive to their mobile phone camera that will automatically back up their photos online.

Close collaboration with Office

Microsoft OneDrive is a Microsoft platform, so it effectively works with Microsoft Office apps, such as Excel or Word or PowerPoint. So whenever you access any of these applications, you will see a list of recent documents, even the ones saved to OneDrive. Also, if you have an Office 365 subscription and open any document saved in OneDrive, you can collaborate with it in real-time with others.

Microsoft OneDrive New Features

Image source: Windows Report

Microsoft is adding the following features that will benefit business users and also make them stay atop:

  • The size limit to upload files is increased from 15 GB to 100 GB in OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • The “Add to OneDrive” feature will enable users to add shared folders to OneDrive easily.
  • Soon, OneDrive will support read and write sync for shared libraries that contain needed metadata.
  • Acquainted OneDrive file sharing and access control experience in Teams.
  • Even if the file location is changed, the file access will be maintained for shared users.
  • The ability to share links copied from your browser address bar with your internal colleagues (only if admin-enabled).
  • The ability to turn off comment notifications for individual files.

Microsoft is adding the following features that will benefit OneDrive admins:

  • Soon, Admins will have the ability to implement automatic expiration of external access, multi-factor authentication policies, such as prompting one-time passcodes (OTP), and a lot more.
  • The new dashboard will have the ability to check sync app versions, sync status, and top sync errors on individual devices.
  • Every OneDrive admin abilities, including controls for sharing, access, sync, and storage, will be available in the SharePoint admin center, combining admin tools in one place.

Microsoft is adding the following features that will benefit the OneDrive consumer:

  • This new feature will enable you to predefine a group of people from your personal life and then easily share files, photos, videos, and albums with that group.
  • Dark Mode feature to OneDrive for the web across commercial and personal accounts.
  • OneDrive’s file detail pane and activity feed allow you to see your file activity and comments in a single view.


These Microsoft OneDrive remarkable features will be excellent assistance for collaborative work such as businesses and organizations, even home users also have a lot to anticipate. Remote working should not be a significant disadvantage for businesses. With these new features, businesses and organizations will be more productive and work effectively.

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