Microsoft has announced to make the office 365 for European customer. The main data center is located in Frankfurt Germany. Office 365 is available in European countries from January 24. data servers close Microsoft Office 365 Is Available in Germany And Across Europe

In September 2016, Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Platform and Services became the first cloud service accessible from the new Microsoft data centers in Magdeburg and Frankfurt, and later Microsoft announced it availability in United Kingdom too , Azure is the biggest and major cloud provider with 30 regions .

According to Microsoft :

Office 365 Germany delivers Microsoft’s industry-leading collaboration and productivity services from German data centers, with customer data stored at rest exclusively in Germany, and strict customer data access and control measures via a unique data trustee model governed under German law. The data trustee, T-Systems International GmbH, an independent German company and subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, controls all access to customer data by anyone other than the customer and their users.


Screenshot 9 2 Microsoft Office 365 Is Available in Germany And Across Europe

Microsoft  data centers allow its user to store their data exclusively in Germany. Microsoft collaborate and partnered with T-Systems International GmbH, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, to act as a data trustee. The two Microsoft German data centers will host Microsoft Azure, Office 365 Germany, and Dynamics 365, while giving the users option of having their data access and controlled by T-Systems as the trustee, rather than Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 is secured and inclusive product for digital work .Office 365 has already more than 85 million monthly active users  across the globe and the new service in Germany will support and meet the demand of cloud services across Europe.
With the launch of Office 365 Microsoft’s increases its investment in Germany. Additionally, Microsoft Power BI ( a cloud based business analytics service that enables user to visualize and analyze data with greater speed) is also available from the Microsoft Cloud Germany. Dynamics 365 will be generally available in the first half of this year .

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