Microsoft is first mobile producer to introduce foldable mobile. Microsoft surface is new featured phone which foldable and gives flexible screen and size to the user.Foldable Microsoft  phones newest of it’s kind.The patent was granted earlier in this month Microsoft introduction new flexible phones in the term of size and screen.

Microsoft’s Foldable Smartphone Patent:

The  foldable features manifest that the two or three hinges through the phone is attached and can straight and folded it provides increase in size and provide uninterrupted large tablet size screen.The same patent also provides measurement information about Microsoft foldable phone that if it used as phone its size in 5.7 inches when the hinges are connected the size become 9 inches of tablet size.

Microsoft Foldable Tablet Microsoft mobile phone cum phablet:surface phone a foldable mobile


Microsoft smartphone 550x400 c Microsoft mobile phone cum phablet:surface phone a foldable mobile

The base technology has  been used in Microsoft mobile cum tablet is 360 degree hinges that has already been used in laptops,but Microsoft is first to use in mobile phones.

The same concept Microsoft wants to apply on wanted to apply on laptops window phones and smartphones, Microsoft in alignment want to launch phone with windows 10.There are only few phones that has introduced windows 10 along with snapdragon.

The final design of Folable  phone:

Microsoft Foldable Mobile Microsoft mobile phone cum phablet:surface phone a foldable mobile

Microsoft has been gives patent but it does not means that the phone will be following the same design but it can alter it according to need technical fits.Patent are the only securities that are given to the companies so that no other competitor can copy them.Foldable in new addition to mobile technology which may be able to alter to laptop in future.

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The Microsoft foldable phone would be approximately of 5,7 inches like most of smart phone size. It is may of one phone , a tablet , or both option. You have to open this like laptop hing taken up but it is 360 degree movable,you can set it to 180 degree and folda it up to 360.