15 5 Microsoft is working on a new game which is rival to Horizon Zero Dawn for Xbox One and Xbox One X 

According to LinkedIn profile by job recruiter Sandor Roberts, And this is actually what it says, looking for a lead environment artist for Microsoft AAA next-gen title. It also suggest that the game is going to be pretty big and funded by Microsoft. It’s going to be Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive.

Additional information mentioned that the style of the game is similar to Horizon Zero Dawn. Just to remind you Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world RPG game. The game isn’t going to be look like Horizon Zero Dawn but the fact that it’s open-world and RPG which is what Xbox need. Because story driven games are important for the brand and recognition of the brand as well.

Many people have started wondering what sort of game it’s going to be and who is actually working on this game because that would give an indication of what this game may be all about. However, it’s too early to say anything other than it’s probably one of those titles that Microsoft did sign just recently.

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Microsoft Phil Spencer tweeted few days ago, saying that they have just signed few big titles exclusives with some companies for the Xbox one family of consoles which means Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X and Windows and PC as well because Microsoft still holds on to the whole play anywhere initiative. There’s not going to be any typical Xbox exclusives. Microsoft needs more big titles and the title they are working on like Forza Motorsport 7, Gears of Wars, Halo 6, Crackdown, State of Decay. But Microsoft do really need games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda not just this type of game but a big AAA exclusives, games that electrifies people.

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