10 2 Microsoft is still optimizing Xbox One X which will lead to even better performance 

Digital Foundry got their hands on the some interesting technical information. Basically Digital Foundry said that Microsoft prepared analyst of couple of games running on Xbox One X and how those games actually scale when you run them in 4k. The benchmarks were impressive which shows that Microsoft will deliver on their promise in terms of running most of Xbox One games in 4k.

InsiderX asked Mike Ybarra about the Xbox One X SDKs. InsiderX asked Mike Ybarra and Kareem Choudhry who is lead architect of Xbox One X. If Xbox One X SDK was only 70-80% for Forza 7 and still had 35% GPU overhead. And Mike Ybarra actually replied: 

It just goes to show that Microsoft is still working/optimizing on the Xbox One X SDKs. SDks is basically a software development. It’s a set of tools that developers actually used to create their games. Usually when you create those for typical platform you optimize the drivers. It usually take a while to prepare a set of tools like a 100% well optimized.

16 Microsoft is still optimizing Xbox One X which will lead to even better performance 

Microsoft is working really hard to optimize those SDKs so, the software can actually take full advantage of the hardware because without proper drivers and software you may have most powerful console and powerful graphics card but these software will not take you use of it.

The graphics card manufacturer actually working on new drivers, better drivers, better optimized drivers to actually make your graphics card to perform better. It’s about how you use this power and if you have good set of drivers then you will use a full potential of the graphics card. Same is the case with SDKs of Xbox One X.

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