So, it looks like Microsoft has decided to drop the price of Xbox One S a day before Xbox One Scorpio E3 show, which is taking place tomorrow. Xbox One S is still as available for $249 in US which is a good price for such a nice console. Although Microsoft has decided to drop up the price below $200 and we know it because they have tweeted about it.

So, as we have said earlier right now Xbox One S cost $249 so, $50 off that’s mean $199, which is a very competitive price, and $199 for such a great console is really really good price.

18 1 Microsoft has just announced that they will be dropping Xbox One S price to $199

We think that this price will stay because Microsoft is known for announcing price drops before but for limited time period. However, usually they keep their prices lower and all but this time it will stay $199 because Phill Spencer quite a few times talk about Xbox Scorpio price and he also said that Scorpio will be a premium product and the Scorpio will be price a little bit higher than Xbox One S. But he also did say that he doesn’t want to have big difference between them as well.

So far the leaks has been telling us that Xbox Scorpio will costs $400 and the difference is like $200 which is a big price delta. So, that may actually indicate that Microsoft wants to become competitive. However, it’s just our prediction. This price drop really shows Microsoft is really committed to Xbox One, they really want to become competitive. They want to fight for the consumer which is good because competition is always good. Because it gives us more variety and better quality.

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