1 12 Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio officially named as Xbox One X | Price & Release Date

Microsoft conference just finished and we are going to be sharing some information that was in their presentation. First of all the pictures you see right now is how Xbox One X is going to look like. It’s very similar to Xbox One S, it’s using pretty much the same Xbox One controller, that shows that the Xbox One X is going to be within the same Xbox One family of console.

Price and release date

Now as for the price, the console is going to be launching on November 7th this year and it’s going to be launching at the price point of $499. We are still not sure what the price is going to be for other parts of the world.

Is it a lot or not?

This is something that we have already expected, there was quite a lot of rumors and speculations about the price point of the console. Most of the rumors suggested $399 for this console but $499 is the price we were already expecting because as for the performance of the console goes it looks pretty good than the PS4 Pro and comes with nice technology as well which costs money. So, $499 isn’t a bad price because obviously Phil Spencer was talking about this console being premium console, good performance in gaming, 3rd party games etc etc..

There’s quite a lot of emphasis on this console being premium so, the price is a little bit premium as well. But obviously it’s not $600 or $700 like some people were actually saying. However, $500 isn’t a cheap console for itself according to some people.

It Seems Digital Foundry Have Revealed The Xbox Scorpio Release Date Mistakenly

Our suggestions  

If you want a cheap console buy Xbox One S and if you want premium console specially for 4k and performance go for Xbox One X. However, if you look into the gaming market Xbox One X is the cheapest native 4K system out there.