Due to an ever increasing number of users uploading pirated content on cloud services like DropBox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, it has become quite easy to get away from the eyes of the law as you don’t have to place the data on any of the controlled servers. Recently, Microsoft has been granted a license to knock those down who are taking the advantage of the liberty given to the users for storing data over the cloud.
A very brief and short statement of the company, released in this regard goes like:

Disabling prohibited content and identifying repeat offenders in service provider storage systems.

More Scrutiny To The Data

office v3 Piracy Issues: Microsoft issued a patent to track down pirated content uploaders on OneDrive

OneDrive is now becoming safer than ever. The data is being checked by the administration and details are accounted about the type of data being stored in the free cloud service. It’s not like a personal storage where you can just push all your wanted data without any check or balance. With the recent grant of this patent, Microsoft will be looking more closely into the data especially to check whether the content is pirated or not.

Fair Users Need Not To Worry

Well, clearly there is nothing to worry about if you are a fair user and just upload the stuff which doesn’t contain any kind of pirated material. Microsoft will only be providing a quick fix for any of such content which is to disable its ‘Share’ feature. This replaces the strict actions like disabling or deleting the data once and for all which is quite unfair.

Google share that they are not keeping your data private

pic 76 Piracy Issues: Microsoft issued a patent to track down pirated content uploaders on OneDrive

Microsoft Taking The Lead Against Piracy

Where every other cloud data storage like DropBox or Google Drive is taking action against the pirated content holders, Microsoft has taken the lead by tracking the offenders and marking the account as a flagged one to disable its sharing feature if it doesn’t stop the illegal act.