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Real Time translation feature added in Microsoft PowerPoint – Now you can sync your presentation with the new tool to overcome the language barrier

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft has taken a remarkable step for overcoming the language barrier which allows users to translate a text of a PowerPoint file in real time. The translation feature can help you present a topic prepared in the slides of Microsoft PowerPoint in your own language.

How To Get The Feature?

To get started, first download the Microsoft’s Translator app. Once downloaded, you need to sync it with your PowerPoint presentation. Now the magic begins as this link will provide you closed captioning for your presentation automatically. It means that you can translate your slides in real time.

Some Shortcomings In The Project

Though this is a very useful project, there still are some shortcomings in it. While presenting it on the stage of Microsoft’s “Build Developers Conference,” the company’s executive Harry Shum demonstrated the usage of this new service. This presentation didn’t go the way they planned it actually. There was a moment of embarrassment when the new translation feature failed to pick up Shum’s Chinese several times. Though the repeated efforts made Shum successful but the things were out of hand already.

Launch Of The Service

Yesterday, the service had been launched after the presentation for preview at Microsoft’s Garage site to help people overcome the language barrier which was much needed from a long time.


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