8 20 Microsoft has a lot of stuff to show at E3 as their Xbox briefing will be longer than usual

So, Microsoft E3 press conference is going to take place this Sunday roughly around 10:00pm UK. E3 for Microsoft is going to be all about Scorpio because that’s what most people think and before April everyone was like it’s going to be about hardware and stuff. But then April came, Digital Foundry revealed everything about Project Scorpio specs. So, Microsoft isn’t going to waste their time on Project Scorpio specs at E3.

However, after that people were saying that Microsoft will talk about VR and that will take some time as well and also they will be talking about technical aspect. But then somebody from Microsoft VR division said that there will be no VR or AR during Xbox Project Scorpio E3 presentation this year. VR will come to Scorpio but not anytime soon. Which is great news again because that shows that they will not be focusing too much on their hardware.

19 Microsoft has a lot of stuff to show at E3 as their Xbox briefing will be longer than usual

What then at E3? 

So, if they aren’t going to be talking about hardware and VR at E3 then what would they are going to talk about? Apparently we think that it must be about some games then otherwise there is nothing to talk about at E3. And the fact that Phil Spencer just confirmed that their E3 conference is going to take longer than usual 90 minutes.

90 minutes is a lot, it seems like they are going to show a lot of games. Also they will spend some time talking about Scorpio because they would have to reveal the price, release date and show off the Scorpio because we don’t know yet how it looks like. They will also take some time introducing new features 4k capture capability and stuff. These all stuff that we mention would take roughly about 20 to 30 minutes and we still like 50 to 60 minutes and they will even extend it.

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It is going to be about gaming

Well Phil Spencer said that because in his first tweet he said “Xbox briefing Sunday will likely run longer than our traditional 90 mins. For those recording just a heads up” and then somebody tweeted “Yeah dude…. too much greatness for a 90min slot.Even if it is late for uk. Wont be able to sleep from excitement anyways…..” and then Phil Spencer replied:

So, that means they have so many games to show that they would have to extend their E3 presentation.